WarFighters Paintball and Laser-Tag Combat Games

KillZones Paintball - Warwickshire / Northamptonshire

Killzones is our entry level paintball game, played at the only venue in the UK with a battle arena crammed full of authentic military armoured vehicles and aircraft.  We keep the number of players down to 40 people, to ensure a quality game.  The gear is awesome - weapons are based on replica M16 assault rifles.  Military spec body armour, rip-stop jump suit and anti-fog mask are all included.  We?ll also throw in free upgrades and a 100 paintballs!?  Our staff are friendly and helpful.  At the end of each event, they will even give you a voucher to attend again for free!*
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Recon X Laser Combat - Warwickshire / Northamptonshire

Recon-X is not laser-tag, that's a kids game.  We have designed, built and implemented the worlds most advanced and realistic live-games system.  Our tech even featured on Ch5's The Gadget Show delivering one of the most exciting episodes to date.  Recon-X is our standard entry game format, it's ideal for those of you who want to hold a stag party or just have a great day out with some friends!
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KillHouse Paintball - Warwickshire / Northamptonshire

The KillHouse is intense fun!  The action is up close and personal, as you take part in a series of exciting team based missions.
Play in an arena closely based on the training venues used by the armed police and special forces.  It?s a complete maze of rooms, corridors, dead ends, doorways and windows.  An ear blasting sound system and smoke machine crank up the atmosphere.
Don't worry about the paintballs though - we limit the guns? power and supply you with  
full military spec body armour.
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