Scenario and Tactical Paintball at WarFighters

This section is for players that have their own gear.  If you fancy taking paintball a little more seriously then this is a great place to start.
Listed below are a number of different game formats that we support.










Scenario Paintball

Tactical Paintball

Mag-Fed Paintball

Walk-On Paintball

WarFighters Paintball Club

Renegade Rebels Scenario Team

Held at the WarFighters Paintball KillHouse and KillZones Locations

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Recon X   Recon Xtreme   Sniper School   Hunted
July 2013
Event Date Event Type Reservation Location Places Available
SUN 28th Jul  10:00-16:00 Paintball - MAGFED Community Community Day  Onley Grounds  Reserved
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