Thanks for looking at WarFighters for your special day out!

We control 99% of our booking via the Internet which keeps our administration automated and allows us more time to focus on the operational aspects of the business such as gun maintenance and site improvements.  We do man a telephone, but this is not constantly monitored due to the above.
If for any reason you do need to speak to one of the team, please email and we will get back to you at the first opportunity.  Games are described in detail within their own pages on this website, it?s best to check there as the photo?s and video?s are kept up to date.

We operate 2 times of games: Laser and Paintball

You will need to register on the site before being able to buy any places or products.  It?s a pain but it has to be done. Registration provides us with the information we need such as your contact telephone number.  Once registered you can purchase your game places.  Your account will also track your games, so if you are planning on a return visit your account will remain active making repeat purchasing fast and easy.You can buy as many available places as you require.  If you are attending as a group we offer a discount on selected events and we can reserve any date for parties of 10 players+

Reserving a date is simple, just check that the game type is available and email or call us.  We will lock-down the date and issue you with a unique access and discount code.  You then buy as many places as you need before the reservation ends.
Once the reservation expires all places purchased are allocated to you, any remaining places are put up for sale to other groups or individuals.

What should you bring?
Our golden rules are:
Change of clothes
Change of footwear
Packed lunch
Extra money in case you want to buy paintballs, smoke grenades etc.

Game Times
We are really strict on time keeping for game start times.  Late comers delay the action. please be on site at least 30mins before your game starts.  In some cases late comers will miss their event with no refunds.  If you are running late please call the mobile numbers on the contact page.

Office Hours We have families and TV?s to watch. Please respect this when calling. Office hours are between 10:00am - 3:00pm Mobiles get answered up to 6pm Monday to Friday. At weekends we are running games so you have zero chance of us breaking the action to take a call during a battle.

Token Knob-Ends
We want everyone to have the best possible day we can offer, and we do our utmost to ensure this. We don?t take very kindly to people who are intent in ruining the game for others. You will be shown the door and banned from site.

Train Station
Rugby Station is a short cab ride away.

We are just 4 miles off J19 on the M1

Set your SAT NAV's for Dunchurch, Warwickshire and always avoid the M45 to M1 exit.
Our signage is rubbish, keep an eye out for the WF Skull and Polo OFPC

Q & A
We get so many emails asking the same questions over and over. It steals our time and keeps us away from the local pub which isn't nice. So if you are reading this, well done! We like you. If you have received this as a lazy cut' n' paste via email what more do you expect? Joking aside if there is anything we have missed please feel free to contact us by either email/contact form or telephone.

Where are my Tickets?
We don't send out any physical tickets. Why? Well it's so yesterday with this internet thingy. Also if you bought your places on a Friday night for the Saturday game there's no way we could get the ticket to you. When you buy your places you will be sent a confirmation email. If your SPAM folder has eaten the email you can access a copy from your customer profile under the Order History tab.

I've booked my place, but the game is now reserved for someone else?
Would we take your money and then re-sell the places to another group? No. If you buy a few places we still have to sell the others. If a group comes along and reserves any remaining places we reserve it. Your place is still secure and valid, so don't panic

I'm Blind, can I play?
In a word, no.

I have mental health issues, can I play?
Not really, we are trained killers, not doctors. It's pretty taxing keeping "the norms" in order without having to worry about people who think they are fish r being follow by Darth Vader.

Laser / paintball Location
Recon is played outdoors. When its raining you get wet? When its muddy, you get muddy. When it's hot, you get hotter.

We don?t have the facility to offer food on site. In fact, environmental regulations prevents us from selling a can of pop by pain of death.  Most attendees only bring a small snack. If you are playing during the summer make sure you have plenty of fluids to drink.

If you are the event organizer you really need to make sure that your group knows this. We cant be held responsible for when the hungry take revenge on you.

Boring T&D stuff

We want you to have a great time with us at Warfighters. Safety is paramount to our operation and we take it very seriously. Our games are fully Risk Assessed by our Diploma qualified Health & Safety Manager. There will always be an element of risk of injury when play any kind of extreme sport. We have taken every reasonable precaution to ensure your safety but we cannot legislate for injuries that occur from slips, falls due to the environment in which the activities are held.

A full safety briefing is given at the beginning of each event. We also ask you to carefully read and sign our Statement of Risk document that acts as a liability release. Should you have any issues with our safety procedures or rules we would strongly urge you to air them with us prior to taking part in your event.

   1. Once paid, game fees are non refundable or transferable. We operate with a limited number of places per game; if one is allocated to you we cannot resell it to another customer. Please make sure that when you book that you are able to attend on that date or have a replacement on standby.
   2. Under circumstances out of our control, including but not limited to; weather or other natural damages to sites, unexpected group cancellations, low attendance or other events which may create unacceptable risk to health and safety, we may be required to cancel, delay, postpone or offer an alternative date for your booking. Under such circumstances a full/partial refund of all fees paid will may be returned depending on the duration of the downtime, however we do not accept liability for any additional costs incurred as a result of the cancellation or necessary change. This includes hotel reservations. We will attempt to inform you of any reasons that a game is canceled at least 24hrs prior to the event date.
   3. Due to the physical nature of Warfighters and the fact that it is played on uneven surfaces the possibility of injury does exists. Warfighters and its member sites do not accept liability for such injuries as it is assumed that you have entered into the activity with full knowledge and acceptance of the risk involved, a Statement of Risk must be signed and completed by each player prior to attending a Warfighters event.
   4. The minimum age is 15 years old. Please ensure that you comply with these minimum age restrictions as players attending who do not meet the minimum requirement will not be able to play. No refunds will be due under such circumstances.
   5. Staff Marshal Instruction and site rules must be followed at all times during game play. Should site staff deem you or your group an unacceptable risk to themselves or others, due to breeches of rules or failure to follow instruction properly, you may be excluded from play at any time. No refunds will be due under such circumstances. Customers who willfully damage equipment will be removed from site.
   6. Your booking will only be secured on confirmed payment of your game fees.
   7. Warfighters is an all-weather sport and will normally proceed regardless of weather conditions. In adverse weather conditions you should assume your booking will proceed but it is advised that you contact us of view the web site prior to your event day. Our equipment is water resistant, not water proof, heavy rain could result in cancellation or extended game times while we hide till it stops raining.
   8. Whilst we will make every effort to ensure your confirmed booking proceeds as booked, should any unusual circumstance prevent the booking from proceeding, howsoever caused, our liability is limited to the value of the game fee's paid.
   9. Use of APC's and Land Rovers can be limited to the weather and ground conditions. If its too muddy we don't operate them due to the impact on farmland
  10. If you are buying places for someone else (groups) please be aware that you are responsible for their conduct. This includes damages to equipment, fixtures and fittings and unpaid items such as paintballs and equipment hire.

Terms and Conditions
The terms of the contract do not affect your statutory rights retail prices are shown inclusive of VAT but Trade prices are shown exclusive of VAT and will be charged at the rate applicable returned or represented cheques will be charged a £10 administration fee prices are subject to alteration without prior notice. Orders are accepted on the understanding that they will be charged at the prices ruling at the time of despatch. Claims arising from shortages or damages must be made within 3 days upon receipt of the goods.

Damaged/shortage of parcels must be signed for as damaged/parcel shortage

Goods despatched to a third party are at your own risk. Goods remain the property of until full payment has been received. All goods are subject to delivery costs unless stated as Free Delivery or collected from our premises giving prior notice. We do not supply to BFPO address.
Your right to cancel your order

Cancellation notice (Mail Order Store Only - This excludes all WarFighters Events such as: Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and Endwar franchises). Under the Consumer Protection - 'Distance Selling Regulations 2000' you (the consumer) have the right to cancel your order within a 7 working day period. The cancellation period starts from the day that the goods are received.

The regulations require the consumer to send a notice of cancellation in writing including fax or email. A telephone call is not enough. In the event of cancellation the goods must be returned (as New) at the consumer's own expense. If the goods are not returned can arrange for the goods to be collected and direct cost will be returned from the refund total.

Returned goods will only be accepted for exchange/refund when returned as new in original wrappings within 14 days of purchase. If you buy a RAV Combat Vest and pull it to bits, please don't try and send it back, fair's fair on this kind of thing.

The cost of returning the goods is at the customer's expense, we only exchange or refund the value of the goods, not the postage and packing. If you received free delivery and return the entire order we will refund you the cost of the goods less to cost of delivery

£6.00 packets under 5kg
£12.00 parcels 25kg

The following can not be returned:

    * Goods that have been used/altered or soiled
    * Discontinued merchandise
    * Unwanted Children
    * Merchandise not in original wrapping with instructions
    * Goods not purchased from us
    * Goods that have been eaten

Our Complaints Procedure

If you have any complaints about, regarding orders, products or anything else please contact us. We take complaints and problems seriously and promise to: acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days keep you informed throughout the complaints procedure and we will endeavour to respond to all complaints within 5 working days.

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