Over the years we have partnered with some of the worlds leading console games publishers to help promote their products.  Combining forces with WarFighters is a proven win, we have attracted extra exposure coverage in magazines, TV, social media and internet shows like never before.  Our strength is realism, planning and delivering totally bespoke event support to the highest standards.

Here's just some examples from the many projects we have worked on:

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Official Product Launch
We adapted our Tank Store to host the official games release.  Vehicles were linked so that attendees could sit inside real tanks and APC's and play the game against each other.  We also operated the first ever GHOST experiance where attendee were kitted up in full combat gear and laser rifle and driven directly into a hostile mission via an armoured personal carrier.

Rainbow Six Vegas - Official Product Launch
This event was combined with Ubisoft's FUSE party.  We transported a LV110, HUMVEE and SABRE Tank to the event.  Inside we operated a special Rainbow Six experience where a selected few would storm the party and take down a group of bad-guys using laser technology.  Outside attendees were treated to a makeshift battle ground where they could play a laser based version of Ghost Recon.

ENDWAR - Rainbow Six Vegas - Official Product Launch
Ubisoft wanted something different.  Our OPS centre hosted the screening room followed by a break -out session.  We adapted our disused water treatment facility to host and exciting game of paintball.  We produced bespoke armour, converted guns to resemble the real deal.  to make the environment look like a battle field we populated the site with over 20 former military vehicles and aircraft.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Official Product Launch
Ubisoft challenged us yet again to deliver a totally bespoke platform.  We converted our briefing room to host the console stations, then next door we built a KillHouse.  Attendees were treated to the ultimate Rainbow Six expreince where we placed them directly into a bomb disarm scenario.  We used a special gas operated rifle system that fired a mag fed .43cal bb.  Eurogamer TV dedicated an entire episode to the event.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Official Product Launch
Our first outing with Activision.  We drove two armoured Land Rovers into the very heart of London from 9am the 1am.  We held a manned display in Leicester Square, sent troops to HMV for the midnight opening.  Drove an armoured convoy with 30 troops to the doors of the Vue cinema.  Populated the private party venue with full sized SAM A2G Missile system, machine gun displays and Troops patrolling the party area.

Call Of Duty: Black OPS - Official Product Launch
Held at Battersea Power Station we provide over 30 armed SPEC-OPS troopers, and two Armoured Personnel Carriers.  An additional troop was dispatched to greet VIP's and man the Oxford Street GAme midnight opening.

Modern Warfare 3 - Official Product Launch
Being told that you need to source look'a'likes a week prior to launch was a task, but we did it.  Soap and Price were present in a tangible form.  this was our biggest challenge and by far our best performance to date.
We were given our own entire floor to play with.  We created The Modern Warfare Experience.  Party goers were treated to a fast paced, adrenal pumping assault on the senses.  We constructed an assault course, and an entire level from the game.  Participants were kitted out with our laser system, they had a quick target shoot followed by The Pit.  Snipers overhead, Tango's around every corner and a hostile shield team to chase you.  Music blearing and drill sergeants guiding you through the experience where you double crewed and shot at anything that moved!  A team of 30 armed troopers clad in black SAS garb worked the event.  As per previous event a sundry team was despatched to support the midnight opening at GAME Oxford Street. 

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