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Play Paintball in Northamptonshire Warwickshire for £5.00

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KillZones Paintball - Warwickshire / Northamptonshire

Killzones is our entry level paintball game, played at the only venue in the UK with a battle arena crammed full of authentic military armoured vehicles and aircraft.  We keep the number of players down to 40 people to ensure a quality game.
The gear is awesome - we only use high quality equipment and paint. Entry includes your weapon, mask, suit and 50 paintballs.
Extra paintballs, body armour, and gun upgrades can be purchased on site.
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Recon X Laser Combat - Warwickshire / Northamptonshire

Recon-X is not laser-tag, that's a kids game.  We have designed, built and implemented the worlds most advanced and realistic live games system.  Our tech even featured on Ch5's The Gadget Show, delivering one of the most exciting episodes to date.  Recon-X is our standard entry game format and is ideal for those of you who want to hold a stag party or just have a great day out with some friends!
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KillHouse Paintball - Warwickshire / Northamptonshire

The KillHouse is intense fun!  The action is up close and personal as you take part in a series of exciting team based missions.
Play in an arena closely based on the training venues used by the armed police and special forces.  It?s a complete maze of rooms, corridors, dead ends, doorways and windows.  An ear blasting sound system and smoke machine crank up the atmosphere.
Don't worry about the paintballs though - we limit the guns? power and supply you with full military spec body armour.
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