Spend a day at the WarFighters Killhouse taking part in a challenging handgun only event.  Players will use the Tippmann TPX .68cal pistol.

The day will include four competition rounds which include:

Assault Course
A series of targets will be set up in the Killhouse.  You cannot engage any targets that are in the same room, therefor you will have to shoot them from windows and doorways.  Each player is timed.  Points are given for targets that are hit.  Points are deducted for targets that are missed.  Each player will have 2 x magazines.

Breach and Clear
Two rooms have been fitted with special doors designed to be kicked open.  Make your entry and shoot the targets.  Points are awarded to the player that has the best accuracy.

Head to Head (Individual)
Names will be drawn from a hat.  Two players will then play a death match.  Each player has 3 mags.  The winners will be drawn from a hat and play again until we have one certified killer.

Head to Head (team)
Players will be draw from a hat and put into teams.  Same rules as the Head to Head.

Awards then go to

  • Assault Course Winner
  • Breach and Clear Winner
  • Head to Head Winner
  • Team Deathmatch Winners

Entry fee includes all targets, gas, armour, mask, gloves and paintballs.

Winners will be invited back to take part in the Tactical Handgun Championships.

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